Through 2015, DLB-NOVA produced a set of three videos: (1) for submission to DCI for virtual competition, (2) a creative video with cuts of the routine, and (3) a behind-the-scenes to tell the story.

In 2015, Bees? accepted an invitation to join us for the creative video in a back lit, studio environment.

GO!  is a step further: combining battery with a ‘moving big band’ to compete in SoundSport during 2018.

As before, there will be a documentary. But rather than competitive video, GO! will perform live and attend DCI Championships in Indianapolis, IN.

Who. Accepted musicians. Woodwinds: 4 saxophone, flute/clarinet. Brass: 4 trumpet, 2-4 trombone, 2 tuba. Battery percussion: 3/2/5/2. Drumset.

What. Rehearsing and performing a five minute repertoire programmed around the music of Hank Levy.

When, Where TBD. Rehearsals in Fairfax, VA. Performances around DC. DCI week in Indianapolis, IN.

Expectations of the Ensemble. Musicians sought have demonstrated technical facility, reading chops, consistent musicianship and physical stamina to perform innovative choreography. Charts will have been thoroughly learned in advance with performance-level acumen. Chosen members will handle high impact, efficient rehearsal leading immediately to quality recital.

Apply for the GO!  cast