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DLB-NOVA. 2013 impression

Who. Accepted performers. Battery percussion: up to 8/4/5.

What. Rehearsing and shooting a competitive video for, a music video with rhythm section, and a documentary about the experience.

Expectations of the cast. Players have demonstrated technical facility and possess tricks coming in. Players have learned the etude thoroughly on their own in advance. Players can quickly turn new tricks and integrate a degree of movement. Players can handle high impact, efficient rehearsal leading immediately to quality, competitive performance.

Our drummers and supervisors come from the ranks of almost every class in WGI and DCI. The 2013 Squad was almost entirely comprised of college students, including then-section leaders from Madison Scouts and Phantom Regiment, members of the Bluecoats and Carolina Crown; RhythmX and George Mason indoor drumlines, and recruits to the U.S. Air Force and the Marine Corps.



DLB-STUDIO. overhead drumsets b-wh

Who. Accepted musicians. Battery percussion: 4/2/5. All rhythm section: drumset, guitar, bass, keys. Big band brass: trumpet, trombone, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone.

What. Rehearsing and recording a set of 3-4 songs for mastering and a documentary.