mk grid4Michael Kirby, Director. Freelance Percussion Adjudicator. Former snare drummer, Crossmen, Blue Knights, Brigadiers. Former instructor, Univ. at Buffalo, Thomas Jefferson HSST. See his 2011 Grid University interview on YouTube




Joshua Cruse, Videography. Former Technical Director and Lighting, GMU Center for the Arts. Prior works include The Cadets All Access 2012 and George Mason’s Mean Green. 2013-15.




Neil P., ProgramNeil Pittman, Program. Former instructor, Chantilly HS, George Mason Univ., Eastside Fury. Former member, Bluecoats BlueQ. 2014-16.





Oliver DeLotto, Music, Program. Instructor, Fairfax HS. Former snare drummer, Hawthorne Caballeros, Glassmen, Carolina Crown, Bluecoats, George Mason Univ. 2015.




Tim N, ProgramTim Nguyen, Program. Instructor, Chantilly HS, Fairfax, HS. Former instructor, Broad Run HS. Former member, George Mason Univ. 2014-15.




ColinColin Williams, Music. Instructor, East Carolina University. Former Instructor, Havelock HS, Riverside HS (Williamston, NC). Former member, Blue Knights, George Mason Univ. 2015.




tawinMathieu (Tawin) Guilbeault, Music. Former member, Les Étoiles, Phantom Regiment, Brigadiers, Spye, North Coast Academy. Former instructor, Chesaning HS, Ferndale HS, Walled Lake Central HS. Current captain and drill writer, La Drumline des Carabins from the University of Montréal. 2015.



mike crawford

Mike Crawford, Music. Instructor, Dale City Music, Let’s Play Music. Guitarist, Mason Music Productions. 2015.




JD S., ProgramJD Slaughter, Program. Instructor, George Mason Univ., Chantilly HS, Yorktown HS. 2014.




no picSarah Fabian, Program. Instructor, Westminster HS. Former instructor, Colts, Crossmen, United Percussion. Former member, Jersey Surf, United Percussion, Carolina Crown. 2014.




Kennedy, ProducerKennedy Carey, Music, Program. Percussion Instructor, Gym Owner. Former snare, Carolina Crown, 2012 WGI PIO Champion George Mason Univ. 2013.




no picChris Martin, Host. Director, 2013 WGI PIW & 2012 PIO Champion George Mason Univ. Arranger, Florida State Univ., Wake Forest Univ., Syracuse Univ., Chantilly HS, Freedom HS. Professional member, U.S. Air Force Band Ceremonial Brass. 2013-14.