delaski set up 800-450Each year, DLB-NOVA produces a set of three videos: (1) for submission to DCI for virtual competition, (2) a creative video with cuts of the routine, and (3) a behind-the-scenes to tell the story.

In 2015, Bees? accepted an invitation to join us for the creative video. In 2016, DLB-STUDIO goes a step further: combining battery with a band solely to record arrangements.

To be sure, there will be a documentary. But there will also be singles for audiophiles to buy and enjoy.

Who. Accepted musicians. Battery percussion: 5/3/5. Rhythm section: drumset, guitar, bass, keys. Big band brass: trumpet, trombone, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone.

What. Rehearsing and recording a set of 3-4 songs for mastering and a documentary.

When, Where. Studio Setting TBD

Expectations of the Ensemble. Musicians sought have demonstrated technical facility, reading chops and consistent musicianship. Charts will have been thoroughly learned in advance and studio-grade performance acumen. Musicians can handle high impact, efficient rehearsal leading immediately to quality recital.

Apply to play with DLB-STUDIO